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Henriques Yachts Inc
'Henriques' [Hen-Ree-Kiss]

It all began in the small shore town of Murtosa, Portugal.  One young boy had a dream, to one day go to America and become something better by hard-work and dedication.  In 1977, Jack Henriques opened up our shop doors in Bayville, New Jersey. Alongside him were his two daughters, Maria and Natalia; then shortly after his son-in-law, Manuel Costa. Together they built Henriques Yachts into a semi-custom, sport-fishing boat building company founded on integrity and authenticity. 


Our ambitions have set us apart from many other custom boat builders. Each Henriques is built to order around the customer’s needs. All areas of your boat are completely customizable and we want to give you the power of choice so your boat speaks to your own personality and lifestyle.                 


“We have the largest cockpits of any boats in our size,” Costa says.  “The fisherman we build We specialize in building sport-fishing boats, but we also build our boats for luxury and comfort. One of our distinguishing factors is our considerably sizeable cockpits. If there is anything that can be customized, we will do it.  We modify our interiors to fit the owner’s needs.” ” Costa says.  “We’re really a semi-custom builder,“for require space in the two areas in which they spend the majority of their time.  Our cockpits and engine rooms are the roomiest in the industry.  Our 50 footer has a 210-square foot cockpit.  This trend works its way down the line.  The 42 Express offers 155 square feet of space in the pit.”


“Henriques has always refused to compromise hull integrity, so we have found that engines with higher horsepower and greater efficiency have been the key to greater speed,” Costa says.


As technology advances, we modify our building methods to improve our traditional techniques. By adapting to new technology, we are able to advance our vessel capabilities.  From the start, we have been building our vessels with ultimate safety in mind and will continue to create structurally sounding vessels for the most demanding fisherman, no matter what elements they may brave while tackling the sea. 

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